Ex-Staffer Accuses Imo DMC DG Of Sharp Labour Practices

Ex-Staffer Accuses Imo DMC DG Of Sharp Labour Practices

A former member of staff, Imo State Data Management Centre (DMC), Miss Queen Igwilo, has accused the centre’s Director General (DG), Terrence Onyeijiaku, of subjecting workers of the centre to slave labour.

Miss Igwilo, who resigned her appointment this January, detailed several sharp labour practices of the centre to include delayed and/or non-payment of salaries to unjustified salary cuts

Igwilo, who disclosed that workers at the centre, are owed for four months from August 2023 till date said she suffered some of the obnoxious labour practices of Onyejiaku while she lasted there.

According to her, Onyejiaku cut her salary in spite of the fact that she obtained a written permission from the Human Resources Officer to go on a short sick leave when she was indisposed.

Onyejiaku, she said, also deliberately withheld salaries of workers thereby forcing them to go on a borrowing and either report late to work or be absent from their duty posts.

Igwilo added that the lateness or absence from work caused by the deliberate delay in the payment of salaries is also punished by the DG of the centre.

All entreaties to get Terrence Onyejiaku to react to the accusation proved abortive.

Several calls were placed by our correspondent, and text messages sent to his phone were not taken or responded to nor did he return any of the calls.


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