Four individuals convicted of plot to bomb Israeli targets executed in Iran

Four individuals convicted of plot to bomb Israeli targets executed in Iran

Iran has carried out the execution of four individuals it claims were connected to an intelligence operation conducted by Israel. The executions took place on Monday after their appeals were denied by the Iranian Supreme Court, as reported by Iranian state media. These individuals were charged with plotting a bomb attack on a factory in the city of Isfahan, which produces equipment for Iran’s Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics. The attack was said to have been ordered by Israel’s Mossad agency. However, Iranian intelligence foiled the operation planned for the summer of 2022.
According to Mizan Online, the website of the Iranian judiciary, the execution was carried out on four members of a group linked to the Zionist spy organization.
As Iran and Israel have a longstanding adversarial relationship, tensions have escalated in recent times due to Iran’s nuclear program. Israel accuses Iran of supporting armed groups, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, with whom it is engaged in fighting. On the other hand, Iran accuses Israel of orchestrating targeted killings of Iranian officials and scientists, although Israel neither confirms nor denies these allegations.
Amnesty International reports that Iran executes more individuals annually than any other country, except for China, and typically employs hanging as the method of execution.
In December of the previous year, three men and one woman were executed for their alleged connections to Mossad. Additionally, Mohammed Ghobadlou, an Iranian man involved in antigovernment protests in late 2022, was executed recently. Critics have claimed that Gh


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