Harnessing the Power of Music: Indonesian Presidential Candidates Hone in on ‘Slank U’

Harnessing the Power of Music: Indonesian Presidential Candidates Hone in on ‘Slank U’

Medan, Indonesia – In Medan, Indonesia, thousands of fans gathered at the palace of the Sultanate of Deli to enjoy a concert by the legendary rock band Slank. However, this event was not just about music, but also about politics. In Indonesia, it is a common practice for presidential and vice presidential candidates to enlist popular musicians to help boost their popularity and electability. Slank’s concert coincided with the visit of presidential hopeful Ganjar Pranowo and his running mate Mahfud MD. The concert served as a platform for them to connect with young voters and gain their support.

The power of music in politics has long been debated. Hikmawan Saefullah, a former band member and current university lecturer, acknowledges that it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of using artists in political campaigns. However, the alliance between Slank and Ganjar aims to build a perception among the public that supporting Ganjar is the cool and trendy choice. Slank’s history of politically charged songs and their previous support for President Joko Widodo adds credibility to their endorsement of Ganjar.

The concert attracted supporters like Johnny and Dian, who praised Slank for their relatable and socially conscious songs. They believe that Ganjar, backed by Slank, will bring positive changes to Indonesia, particularly for the rights and interests of workers. Market-sellers Ratna and Lisa also attended the event to show their support for Ganjar, seeking improvements in their work-life and the distribution of social assistance.

However, not all concert-goers were convinced of Ganjar’s candidacy. Mulia, a communications student, expressed his openness to voting for Ganjar if he feels a connection with the candidate and believes in his ability to address the needs of the youth. It seems that the power of music endorsements may not be enough to sway every voter.

Ganjar made a brief appearance at the concert, receiving a warm welcome from the crowd. While he did not address the audience directly, his presence alongside Kaka and his enthusiastic participation in the event were enough to demonstrate his support for the band and connect with his potential voters.

It is worth noting that other candidates are also leveraging the


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