Resumption of Bullfighting Enthralls Mexico City’s Spectators

Mexico City’s Spectators Rejoice as Bullfighting Makes a Comeback

Amidst a backdrop of protestors outside a lively arena, bullfighting returned to Mexico City on Sunday. After a year and a half of suspension due to an animal rights ruling, the resumption of bullfights in Plaza Mexico, the world’s largest bullfighting arena, has reignited hope for fans embroiled in legal battles.

While bullfighting is still permitted in many parts of Mexico, its future in the capital remains uncertain. Opponents argue that the practice violates animal welfare and infringes upon people’s right to a healthy environment.

Thousands of spectators cheered as they witnessed the revival of “fiesta brava,” another name for bullfighting in Spanish. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, renowned Mexican matador Joselito Adame was the first to step into the ring. A total of six bulls were fought and killed during the event.

Outside the arena, approximately 300 individuals gathered in protest, hours before the festivities began. Some activists boldly chanted slogans such as “Murderers!” and “The plaza is going to fall!” Others showcased signs bearing the message “Bullfighting is sadism” or played drums to make their concerns heard. While the protest remained largely peaceful, a few tense moments occurred when some activists resorted to throwing plastic bottles and stones.

In May 2022, a local court ordered the suspension of bullfighting activities at Plaza Mexico based


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