SMEDAN’s Business Empowerment Boosts 55 SMEs in Akwa Ibom State for Enhanced Growth and Success

SMEDAN, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria, has empowered 55 entrepreneurs in Akwa Ibom through the provision of starter packs, boosting their businesses. The announcement was made by the Director-General of SMEDAN, Mr. Charles Odii, during a training session held in Uyo as part of the National Business Skills Development Initiative. Odii highlighted the importance of SMEs in the national economy, underscoring their significant role in job creation. The participants received training in areas such as leatherwork, food processing, and digital marketing, with additional training in virtual assistance to further enhance their businesses. The aim is to improve business management practices, service provision, and access to finance, as well as enhance market support services and patronage for artisans. SMEDAN is committed to addressing the challenges faced by MSMEs and will continue to support entrepreneurs to stimulate job creation, wealth creation, and poverty alleviation. The program specifically focuses on training young entrepreneurs and women, and the recipients of the SMEDAN empowerment packs are urged to utilize them effectively to create employment opportunities and wealth. Akwa Ibom’s Commissioner for Trade and Investment, Dr. John Etim, also highlighted the state government’s favorable policy initiatives and collaboration with the Bank of Industries to facilitate easier access to loans for small-scale business operators.


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