US Military Conducts Yemen Strikes, Neutralizing 10 Houthi Drones

US Military Conducts Yemen Strikes, Neutralizing 10 Houthi Drones

The US military recently conducted airstrikes in Yemen, targeting 10 drones belonging to the Houthi rebels, who are aligned with Iran. Additionally, a ground control center was also neutralized in the operation. The US Central Command (CENTCOM) stated that the drones posed an imminent threat to both merchant vessels and US Navy ships in the region. This action was taken to safeguard freedom of navigation, ensuring the safety of international waters for US Navy vessels and merchant ships.

CENTCOM had previously announced that the USS Carney successfully intercepted an anti-ship ballistic missile fired by the Houthis, followed by the downing of three Iranian drones. However, it was unspecified whether these were surveillance or attack drones. In response, the Houthis claimed to have targeted an “American merchant ship” in the Gulf of Aden and fired missiles at the US Navy destroyer Gravely.

While the US and Iran have thus far avoided direct confrontation, the US has recently carried out strikes against the Houthis and other Iranian-linked groups in the Middle East. These strikes have shifted focus from the group’s impact on global shipping in the Red Sea to addressing threats against “US aircraft.” The Houthis, who control significant parts of Yemen, have been targeting Israeli-linked vessels in the Red Sea since November, citing solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza and support for Hamas.

In response to the Houthis’ attacks, US and British forces have conducted airstrikes against them, leading the Houthis to declare US and British interests as legitimate targets. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps to discuss the situation in the Red Sea and plan international action to hold the Houthis accountable for their “illegal and reckless attacks on vessels.”

To protect Red Sea shipping from ongoing Houthi attacks, the US has established a multinational naval task force. The European Union also intends to launch its own naval mission in the Red Sea to safeguard cargo ships within three weeks. The US has pursued diplomatic and financial pressure on the Houthis as well by relisting them as “specially designated global terrorists” in January.

In conclusion, the recent US military airstrikes neutralized 10 Houthi drones and a ground control center in Yemen


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